Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is that a new jacket???

So I go to work last Thursday thinkin' I'm stylin' in my new kelly green pea coat. I was going out to lunch with a potential board member for work and was excited to wear it. Well, I stopped in to see one of my coworkers and, as I got up to leave, she asked if I was wearing a new jacket. (Actually, it was more like "Oh my gosh! Is that a new jacket????") and I proudly said that it was. With that, she burst out laughing and told me to put my hand on my butt... As I did, I realized that I wasn't just proudly wearing the pea coat, I was proudly wearing the ink thingy-magig that is supposed to keep you from stealing it from the store!!!!! We were both laughing so hard our stomachs hurt - and I was really glad it wasn't a piece of toilet paper!!!


  1. LOL. The clerk deactivated it and then forgot to take it off!! I've had that happen to me....not the actual wearing of it and discovering it in public, but once at home. LOL.

  2. Great story--like when the back of my skirt was caught up in the waist of my pantyhose--I was a "high style" insurance agent at the time! thank the Lord for a discreet secretary who let me know!!

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