Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scrappin' til Dawn!

Last night six of my friends came over for a fun-filled night of scrapbooking! We've all been scrapping for years, but time and the busyness of life has kept us from it for awhile, so this was a great time to get back in the swing! Everyone brought a delicious treat to share and I made my mom's recipe for white bean and ham soup. Yum! It was the perfect meal for a rainy January night with friends! Stacie was the first to arrive at 2pm and the rest trickled in as their day allowed. I must say that it was a productive night for all! Tina, Donna and Stacie did a ton of journaling in albums that they'd already completed pages in; Deanna worked on her trip to England; Brenda worked on her daughter Makenzie's album; Becky worked on some digital pictures of her adorable kids and I organized a bunch. Everyone, sans Donna, Becky and I, wrapped up at about 11pm and headed home, but we burned the midnight oil and gabbed until 4am! I guess the Carmel Macciatto's that we made kicked in! Thankfully, they were both spending the night, so we could all just fall into bed!

Becky gave a little presentation about "Faith Booking." Have you heard of it? The idea is to create a page memorializing a scripture that the Lord spoke to you about, your life verse, a struggle that the Lord brought you through, etc.. It's a way to remind ourselves what the Lord has done for us and a great way to share it with others. She brought up a good point - the Bible is God's "Faith Book" to us. Without it, we wouldn't know His character, His love for us or the way He's worked in others lives. I can't wait to get started on mine!

We're planning to get together once a month (probably the 3rd Friday of each month). Let me know if you'd like to come! :)


  1. Hey! I know that Becky and Donna! :) Looks like a fun afternoon/evening/late into the night morning! LOL.

  2. Weeeeelllll Hello there! I am so excited to see this up! Super cute love!

  3. Aww, I saw Oliver!! He's so cute!!!

  4. I would like to join a scrapping night if you still have one--got another one-year anniversary album to make!

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